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    Specialized Men's Trail 3Xdry Short $123.00

    Specialized Trail 3Xdry Short

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    Specialized Women's RBX Bib Shorts $100.00

    When it comes to choosing the perfect pair of bib shorts, comfort is everything. And for anyone whose rides demand premium materials, superior fit, and cutting-edge technologies, the new Women’s RBX bib shorts are sure to be your jam.

    We designed an open suspender fit and bib construction that’s engineered to keep the shorts up and in-place without constricting the upper body. The stretchy elastic suspenders are uber plush and soft against the skin, and accommodate taller torso lengths with ease. Silicone-infused fabric cuffs, meanwhile, provide a gentle, secure hold on the legs in order to ensure the perfect, shift-free fit.

    Our new Body Geometry Contour chamois also adds unrivaled comfort by minimizing its total footprint and keeping only what’s structurally necessary. This minimizes pressure on nerves and soft tissue, while also maintaining the optimal level of support.

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    Specialized Women's RBX Comp Bib Shorts $113.00

    Add up all of a bib shorts’ favorable characteristics and you’ll end up with our Women’s RBX Comp Bib Shorts. They’re purpose-built for heightened comfort over the long haul, making them perfect for anyone who doesn’t shy away from gravel at the end of the road.

    They’re made from a knit version of our venerable VaporRize? fabrics, which adds to the durability of the bib shorts without sacrificing any breathability or moisture wicking capabilities. The material are alsoextremely soft against the skin, which is a sensation that’s furthered by the fold-over leg cuff. Along these lines, this cuff at the leg opening features an ever so slight silicone print that prevents the shorts from shifting throughout your pedal stroke. And to aid you in getting in and out of the shorts for, ahem, nature breaks, we’ve included a proprietary piece of tech, our HookUp magnetic bib connection at the lower back.

    For the chamois, we used a higher volume, women’s-specific insert to promote the bib shorts’ intended purpose: long rides in total comfort. This means that you’ll receive a fair amount of extra support and bump absorbency over rough roads, which will help to alleviate pressure on the soft tissue and nerves over the course of the day.

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    Specialized Women's RBX Shorts $90.00

    When it comes to choosing the perfect cycling shorts, comfort is everyrhing. Whether you’re going fast or just cruising’, it’s important to know that you’ll be comfy. For riders who want premium material, superior fit, and technologies that you won’t find anywhere else, the new RBX Shorts are the jam. The soft four-way stretch fabric and articulated design ensure a perfect fit, but where the real comfort comes is from our Women’s Body Geometry 3D Chamois. It features a pre-molded shape that matches the curve of your saddle, reducing wrinkles and hot spots. Top it off with a super soft top sheet to reduce friction and you’re left with all day comfort.

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    Specialized Women's SL Expert Bib Shorts Mixtape Collection $185.00

    Do you have a playlist that gets you pumped? Maybe one song that always makes you smile inside? Us too, and that?s what our Mixtape Collection is all about. As head designed Kayla Clarot puts it, “We?re are all so incredibly unique, but one thing that we all have in common is music. No matter how you ride, Mixtape calls you to make your most bad-ass mixtape and to share it with all who?re willing to listen.? So, let the design inspire you like your favorite mixtape?loud, unapologetic, and full of energy.

    Racing, training?you name it and the SL Expert Bib Shorts will excel at it. They’re made for aggressiveriding in total comfort, and with almost every bell and whistle that we’re capable of throwing at ’em, we’d can say with confidence that they’ll satisfy anyone that?s highly demanding of their gear. And to make sure of it, we included our Women?s Body Geometry SL Pro chamois to keep you comfortable on long, hard rides, and a HookUp magnetic bib connection for when nature calls.

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    Specialized Women's SL Pro Bib Shorts $207.00$214.00

    Just like your bike, Specialized’s SL Pro Bib Shorts are light, fast and comfortable. Cut from Specialized’s breathable, moisture-transferring VaporRize fabric, these sweet shorts feature their pressure-relieving BG SL Pro chamois, strategically placed mesh panel, SL construction and bibs for a superb fit and feel. You’ll alsoappreciate Specialized’s Deflect UV 50 sun protection.

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    Specialized Women's SL Pro Shorts $185.00

    We’re not afraid to say that, when it comes to performance and comfort, our Women’s SL Pro Shorts stack among the best in the business. They use the best available fabrics, a highly advanced chamois, and feature a level of women’s-specific fit that’s second to none.

    Keeping with this no-expenses-spared theme, we scrutinized every detail of the SL Pro to ensure that it’ll exceed the most demanding of expectations. And when it comes to high quality bib shorts, it all starts at the fabric. Of course, this meant that we utilized our ultra-soft and highly breathable VaporRize? material to provide the utmost in moisture management and support. In addition to this, we alsoimplemented our Cold Fabric technology that reduces the surface temperature of the fabric in order to leave you cool and comfortable.

    Meanwhile, the women’s-specific fit has alsobeen given a tremendous amount of detail. You’ll find that it follows an articulated design in order to accommodate the movements and position of cycling. And to make sure that the fit holds, we designed the leg openings with a fold-over, silicone printed cuff that gently, yet firmly, holds the legs in place.

    At the chamois, we included our top of the line insert, the Women’s Body Geometry SL Pro. This chamois was designed specifically for women, and it has padding with a multi-density design that varies the degree of support in perfect harmony with the body. And as a result, you’ll find that it significantly reduces pressure on the soft tissue and nerves, creating a ride feel and degree of comfort that’s nothing short of sublime.

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