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    Specialized Atlas Knee Pads $74.00

    Our Atlas Knee Pads are built to protect you from abrasion and minor impacts, while alsomaintaining a sleek fit for better mobility when you’re pedaling or walking. The custom formed, anti-shock foam pad provides significant protection, and it’s both lightweight and flexible, making the pad pretty damn comfortable. This slip-on protector alsohas an extra-tall cuff to keep the pad comfortably in place, and it helps add a little extra protection in the event of a minor impact.

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    Specialized Lycra Arm Warmer $31.00

    Arm warmers for both men and women (available in small sizes), made of comfortable Lycra, suitable for both spring and fall.

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    Specialized Lycra Leg Warmer $43.00

    Lightweight leg warmers in Lycra which offers great comfort, suitable for both spring and fall. Ankle zippers for easy on and off.

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    Specialized S-Logo Arm Warmer $32.00

    S-Logo Specialized Arm Warmer

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