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    Elite Arion Digital $1,160.00

    Arion Digital is the first electronically controlled roller with integrated resistance unit managed by a wireless console to be placed on the handlebar.

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    Elite Axle Adapter Pin $40.00

    Elite Axle Adapter Pin for fixing a bike equipped with thru-axle 135 x 10 – 135 x 12 with Elite Hometrainer. LH adapter for 12 x 148mm boost spacing.

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    Elite Gel Block $31.00

    For a perfect position on your bike.
    Front wheel support.
    An indispensable accessory for mantaining the horizontal position, just like riding on the road.

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    Elite Knurled Boost Adapter $10.00

    Adapter for bicycles having rear Boost 148x12mm thru axle.

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    Elite Knurled Thru Axle Adapter $40.00

    Knurled Thru Axle Adapter – 135×10/12mm.

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    Elite Left Triangle Adapter $10.00

    The Elite Boost 12×148 mm thru axle adapter allows you to install your boost bike on Elite smart trainers.

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    Elite Misuro B+ $91.00

    The perfect sensor to enhance your training sessions with Elite home trainers and rollers.
    An ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart Speed/Power/Cadence sensor that monitors indoor training sessions via smartphone, tablet, cycle computer or compatible GPS devices when installed on a Elite hometrainer.

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    Elite Novo Force $210.00

    The “easy” home trainer with magnetic resistance
    NOVO FORCE is a high performing classic home trainer. It features a very compact magnetic resistance unit. Its design has been renewed compared to other models in its category and features a sturdy frame with very innovative features. Easy to transport, can be quickly folded when not in use and occupies very little space when stored. Compatible with the Misuro B+ sensor. Great stability even with high speed and intense effort, guaranteed by the structure of the frame which is able to absorbs even the most intense shocks and vibrations. Great compatiblity with all types of bikes, both road and MTB, with 24” to 29” wheels.
    Maximum measures chainstay + fork: 175.4 mm.

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    Elite Protec Sweat Protector $28.00

    Protec Plus Sweat cover.
    Protec Plus sweat cover protects your bike against perspiration and avoids corrosions or rust.

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    Elite Qubo Fluid $442.00

    Qubo Fluid home trainer – Very easy to transport, folds up quickly when not in use and occupies very little space when stored. Compatible with the Misuro B+ sensor. Great quietness and pedaling roundness. Compatible with all bikes, both road and MTB, with 20” to 29” wheels.
    Maximum measures chainstay + fork: 186.7 mm.
    The adapter cod.1020008 is required for bikes with thru-axle.

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    Elite Qubo Power Mag Smart B+ $359.00

    Qubo Power Mag Smart B+
    The meeting point for training and fun. Quick initial setup and reduced clutter. With the Fast Fixing system you just need one simple movement to hook and unhook your bike. Stable and very practical to use under any circumstance. Magnetic resistance unit with 8 levels to set via a handlebar mounted selector. Great data accuracy with the integrated ANT™+ and Bluetooth Smart speed/power/cadence sensor.
    Max compatibility with all bikes, both road and mtb, with wheels from 20” to 29”.
    Maximum measures chainstay + fork: 186.7 mm.

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    Elite Real E-motion $1,060.00

    Real E-motion is the union of two excellent catalogue features:
    the most innovative roller on the market and Real digital technology, to create an absolute novelty in indoor training.

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    Elite STERZO Steering Travel Block $47.00

    STERZO, the Elite steering plate is one of the most interesting additions to your indoor training sessions as it lets you control your handlebars as if you really were on the road.
    Place the front wheel on the steering unit and enjoy the most realistic indoor ride you can have on your home trainer.

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    Elite SU-STA $40.00

    Height adjustment front wheel support.
    Simulate both flat terrain and slopes perfectly with anti-slip rubber feet eliminate handlebar vibrations.
    Unique design with 5 levels lets you adjust the height of your front wheel to simulate hill climbs up to 6%.

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    Elite Thru Axle Adapter $36.00

    Thru Axle trainer adapter kit for 10mm and 12mm diameter through bolts.

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