News on the Lebanese Road Cycling Championship

It was the second of four races for the 2012 Lebanese Road Cycling Championship. 32kms,4 laps of 8kms on the Qarantina-Sin-El-Fil speedway ending with a U-turn that required a good anticipation and a power plant in the legs to pick up speed and dash off to the other end.

But why a championship race so late in the year?

The culprit: the Asian MTB Championships that Lebanon hosted for the first time ever back in October. National events took the back seat, and the vagaries of weather did the rest.

So who won?

None other but Zaher El-Hage, the explosive 2011 MTB champion, who  took a decisive lead early on and never gave up an inch all the way till the end. Quite an impressive performance by talented Zaher.

Nabil Tabbal clocked second, his best result since starting his new racing career as Zaher’s teammate. With Khalil Asmar taking 4th rank, Atletico – Bike Generation team has cemented its lead over its competitors. Short of a surprise, Zaher and his team mates should bring this year’s cup home.

The 3rd race is scheduled for next Sunday. All teams are training hard. But one race has already been postponed due to unfavorable weather conditions. And the weather forecast looks grim for the week-end.

Worse, winter is in our backyard…