Lebanese Mountain Bike Championship Enduro- September 3, 2023

The Lebanese Mountain Bike Championship results as professional title for Rahbani and the amateur title for Zgheib!

The Lebanese Cycling Federation, sponsored by the Municipality of Daroun, organized for the first time, The 2023 Lebanese Enduro Mountain Bike Championship for professionals and the Darb al-Qamar race for amateurs.
The race started in the early hours of the morning from Daroun to Aintoura, on two different trails (Darb al-Qamar and the Saint John trail) between trees and rugged- challenging paths.

The professional race included 3 stages, while the amateur category had two stages. 20 cyclists participated in the race, starting with a two-minute lead in each stage.
The Lebanese Professional Champion title was won by cyclist Elia Rahbani with a time of 12 minutes and 15 seconds,  Issam Abu Jaoude came in second place with a difference of 33.51 seconds, while Antoine Korban came in third place with a time of 12 minutes and 56 seconds.
As for the amateur category, first place was won by cyclist Wissam Zogheib with a time of 7 minutes and 57 minutes. Second, Charbel Muhanna came in second place with a time of 8 minutes and 54 seconds, while player Maher Rashid came in third place with a time of 9 minutes and 24 seconds.

Here are the full technical results of the race:
*Professional category
1- Elia Rahbani – 12 minutes and 15 seconds
2- Issam Abu Jaoude – 12 minutes and 48 seconds
3- Antoine Korban – 12 minutes and 56 seconds
4- Gharik Abi Ghanem – 15 minutes and 4 seconds
5- Khalil Awada – 17 minutes and 33 seconds
6- Rabih Rahbani – 18 minutes and 27 seconds
7- Elias Bou Rachid – 38 minutes and 27 seconds
*Amateur category
1- Wissam Zogheib – 7 minutes and 57 seconds
2- Charbel Muhanna – 8 minutes and 54 seconds
3- Maher Rashid – 9 minutes and 24 seconds
4- George and Kim – 9m 51s
5- Khaled Al-Ayoubi – 11 minutes and 18 seconds.
6- Christian Mubarak – 11 minutes and 58 seconds
7- Tony Abdullah – 16 minutes 54 seconds

At the end of the races, cups were distributed to the winners in the presence of members of the Lebanese Cycling Federation and the Deputy Mayor of Daroun, Jean Mukawem.
The race was supervised by Federation member and race director Rafik Eid, who prepared the track, and the Lebanese Red Cross accompanied the riders.



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