El Hage and Specialized Supreme in Baskinta

National title holder, El Hage scores a brilliant and solid win on Sunday September 4, in the first race of the 2011 Lebanese MTB Championship.

Averaging an amazing speed of 13,5 km/h over 4 laps of 6km each, with a total ascension of 850 meters , Bike Generation’s sponsored El-Hage wrapped up the race in 1 hour and 46′ beating the runner-up by a full minute and the third-ranked by a comfortable margin of 6 minutes.

“It was an eminently technical track where riding skills were just as important as power and endurance” said El-Hage. “It had all the characteristics of a world championship event, from a technical standpoint”.

In fact it was very rocky and bumpy. His closest opponent fell while trying to keep pace with the national champion. He was just too strong in this opening race, and managed to control the proceeding after a close first lap with his closest rival Salah Rabat.

El-Hage and his Specialized MTB were just too fast for all other participants.